More than 1,000 destinations and inspirations for your travels with the same hospitality that will make your experience unique.

Safety, Reliability and Guest Experience are the keywords of Affitti Brevi Italia®.
With the support of the Affitti Brevi Italia® network and the experience of the Affitti Brevi Italia Travels portal, travelers are never left alone, but assisted and protected in every moment of their stay. We personally take care of the preparation and sanitation of each apartment or villa to offer the traveler the feeling of being at home from the first moment of booking, when you browse through the photos, read the various descriptions or look for activities to do in the place of the future vacation.
Then the traveler can book without any worries thanks to the Safe Rate and enter the property finding it exactly as he imagined it, with the guarantee of 24-hour assistance for any need. Easy, isn't it
All this becomes possible through a system of safeguards offered by the network to protect the stay and thanks to an operational method that is transmitted, day by day, to each member of our network, with the aim of optimizing each experience and offer it at the right price.

Are you a property owner and are you interested in renting for profit without obligation on short rental solutions?

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